Central Business District

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The Covington Central Business District (CBD) is home to many businesses large and small. Within the CBD one can fulfill many of their shopping and entertainment needs. There are several unique restaurants and shops that make the district an exciting place to spend an evening out, as well as a great place for shopping and lunch.

Additionally, many companies have found the CBD a great location for their offices. The convenient location, historic architecture, and availability of development incentives have encouraged many companies to move their offices to downtown Covington.

The CBD retains an old-world character that creates a small town feeling within the big city. The district's walkable streets, public art, and architecture dating back to the mid 1800s create a very inviting environment to visit.

Today, Covington is working to revitalize its CBD to make it as vivacious as it once was. There are many new developments that will continue to make the district a vital part of Covington. There are several developments that promise to make the CBD a regional trendsetter. Within that list of projects there are a few that standout, including: The Ascent Luxury Condos; a growing Arts District; The Covington Farmers Market.

The Madison Wedding district is nestled in historic downtown Covington and offers one-stop shopping for couples planning their wedding day. The district offers everything a couple needs to ensure "the perfect day." From the proposal to the tossing of the bouquet, your every need can be met. The Wedding Mall houses several independent retailers serving wedding customers.