Peaselburg is nestled in the hills and valleys on the west side of Covington.  Steeped in German heritage, the neighborhood is comprised of hardworking, middle-class residents.  Architecture includes a variety of older brick and frame two-story homes, cottages, townhomes, and apartment buildings. The pride of homeownership is reflected in the maintained homes and yards. A mixture of cultural backgrounds, churches of many denominations, public and parochial schools, grocery stores, corner pubs and industrial/commercial businesses can be found in Peaselburg.

A millennium mural, neighborhood banners, gardens and planters, a Boys/Girls Club, and an annual Fourth of July parade make this neighborhood quite unique.

Whether living in Peaselburg or visiting, one will feel the togetherness of neighbors.  The residents care about their neighborhood and they watch out for one another.  Although it is one small burg, Peaselburg is proud to be a neighborhood in the City of Covington.

The Friends of Peaselburg Neighborhood Association (FOPNA), comprised of residents of all ages, works with it’s local schools and sponsors annual cleanups, bake sales, beautification projects and more.

Association Name:
Friends of Peaselburg Neighborhood Association


Meeting Place & Time:
4th Monday of Each Month at 7:00pm
1650 Russell Street
Enter via rear door

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