Levassor Park

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Name of Association:
Levassor Park Neighborhood Association

Terry Simpson 743-4849

Frank Knapp 431-4128


Meeting Location:
Covington Housing Authority
Madison Avenue and Sterrett Avenue

Meeting Time:
Third Monday of each month at 7:00pm

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In the 1800's the area of Covington now known as Levassor Park was not even part of the city but was an area where wealthy people built large homes. One of those was known as the "Castle" and was located in the present site of Holmes High School. Another was built by Eugene Levassor in 1850 and is still standing on Levassor Place. The city limits were extended to include this area in the early 1900's and many of the houses, built in the style sometimes referred to as "Chicago bungalow", date from around the 1920's and early 30's.

Levassor Park is now a neighborhood with a high percentage of single family, owner occupied houses with well kept yards and a friendly atmosphere. At present there are 156 residential units. Of these 80% are owner occupied. The area's proximity to transportation lines and easy access to major highways and shopping areas are positive factors.

The ages of the residents range from very young children to retired senior citizens. Professions represented are varied. There are politicians, educators, historians, and writers along with housewives, mothers, and white and blue collar workers.

It is an ongoing project of the neighborhood association to eliminate any unsightly properties and improve the appearance of the area. Plans to locate neighborhood signs in the area have been accomplished. New street name signs are soon to be placed on appropriate corners. Further plans to install trash containers and flowering plant boxes are underway.

Holmes Junior Senior High School, the public secondary school for the city of Covington, is located within the boundary of Levassor Park. There are many events held at the school to which the neighborhood welcome. The large parking lot there can be used for many outdoor purposes. There are two small churches: Church of the Nazarene and Seventh Day Adventist Church. St. Elizabeth Hospital North is one-half mile away. There is an Urban Learning Center on the high school grounds. It is staffed and maintained by three local colleges and is open to anyone interested in continuing education.

The membership of the neighborhood association is as varied as the population. Most of the members take an active part in the planning and accomplishing of the projects. All residents are welcome to the meetings and events. The meetings are held within the housing authority building and the meeting room is handicapped accessible.