Old Seminary Square

Although it is one of the smallest neighborhoods in terms of its size on a map, Old Seminary Square is one of Covington's most successful illustrations of how dedicated people - with some help from the city - can breathe new life into a neighborhood that had peaked generations ago.

Beginning in the mid-1970s, about a dozen people began to buy Italianate Victorians that had been carved up into apartments by absentee landlords who had commitments to nothing other than their bank accounts.

Today, the neighborhood includes some of the city's most impressive Victorians and most influential citizens, a widely diverse group that welcomes anyone and everyone who shares the vision of re-establishing Covington as one of Northern Kentucky's best places to live.

The Old Seminary Square Neighborhood Association is one of the most active in the city, pushing successfully for the demolition of the Robbins Street Bridge, the renovation of the Annie Hargraves and Basil Lewis Parks, and the installation of decorative sidewalks and tree wells throughout the neighborhood. In the past, the neighborhood association's primary fundraisers have been home and garden tours, a Christmas walk, and a fall pig roast.

The flower laden concrete planters along Russell, 11th, and Robbins streets were purchased by the association.

Among the current residents of the neighborhood are former State Representative Arnold Simpson and his successor in Frankfort, State Representative Buddy Wheatley, who was elected in November of 2018. Covington Mayor Joe Meyer, elected in 2016, is a former State Representative and former State Senator and was one of the original “rehabbers” in Old Seminary Square. Covington City Commissioner Shannon Smith lived in the neighborhood for a couple of years when she was attending law school.

The neighborhood is bounded on the east by the CSX Transportation railroad tracks and by Banklick Street on the west. The southern boundary is 12th Street and Eighth Street is the northern boundary. Russell Street runs through the heart of the neighborhood.



Old Seminary Square Neighborhood Association


The association meets at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of each month at various locations in the neighborhood and at Covington restaurants. Meetings are often preceded by a social hour that usually starts an hour before the business portion of the meeting. Check the organization’s Facebook page or website for more information about the neighborhood and meeting locations.

Don Mays OSS President donmays101@yahoo.com

Greg Paeth OSS Vice President gregpaeth@fuse.net

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